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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for my dog to attend daycare?

  • Minimum age of 16 weeks (to ensure all vaccinations have been given) 

  • Up-to-date Vaccinations for Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP 

  • Must be comfortable and able to play with dogs of all sizes

  • Must be crate trained or comfortable in a crate (for safety)

  • Must have a 1-hour mandatory assessment done

  • Understanding of basic commands (name, leave it, sit, stay, lay down)

  • Must be leash trained (if booking add-on service for walks)

  • Must be spay/neutered if 12 months or older 

Do we offer overnight boarding or kennel services?

No, our location zoning through the City of Abbotsford does not permit boarding or kenneling services. At this time, we offer daycare services only at our facility.

Do you offer puppy/dog training? 

No we do not offer puppy/dog training at our facility but we recommend Holly and Friends to provide you quality training with a certified dog trainer. For more information visit


Do we have outdoor space?

Unfortunately we do not have any outdoor space, however we do offer a 30 minute outdoor walk for an additional charge of $5/per dog. We have a walking loop around the neighborhood that has grassed sidewalks and plenty of things to sniff. (Walks are done weather permitting)


Do we separate dogs based on size or breed?

We have one large play area for all dogs, regardless of size or breed, to interact and socialize. We require that dogs of all sizes be comfortable to be in the same play area together.


What is the purpose of the Meet & Greet Assessment?

The purpose of the meet & greet assessment is for us to get to know you and your dog, and for you to get to know us. 


All assessments are done by introducing your dog  to the other daycare dogs one dog at a time so that if at any point they are uncomfortable or we are not able to continue the assessment we are able to safely and quickly remove them. If they are fully comfortable and all dogs have been introduced then we will let them off the leash to play and make friends. 


Afterwards, we share our observations with you and go over our online booking system.


What Is the cost for the Meet & Greet Assessment?

FREE!  This is a required assessment we have implemented to ensure the safety of all dogs while in our care. We ask that pet-parents grab a coffee or run a quick errand during this time.


Do we offer drop-in services?

Absolutely!  We ask that when considering a drop-in session to call us approximately 30-minutes prior to your arrival to ensure space availability. Although we offer drop-in we do recommend that you book at least one (1) day before to confirm availability.


What techniques do we use to correct dog behaviour?

Depending on the situation, we use the following:

  • Calling the dogs name

  • Using keywords

  • Clapping hands

  • Squirting water

  • Whistle


How many dogs does your space allow?

Our main play area is suitable for up to 15-20 dogs, depending on size of dogs for that day.  


What do we do for dogs who need a mid-day feeding?

In the back of our space we have three crates we are able use for feeding dogs, as needed. 


What do we do for dogs that are overstimulated?

There are specific signs we watch for when dogs are overstimulated. We are able to remove them from the main play area for a time-out and rest in the back area.


What safety measures do we have in place while dogs are playing?

We have a safety ratio of ten (10) dogs to one (1) employee. With an open play area, there is always at least one staff member inside the space to watch the dogs at all times. Our pony walls at 4ft tall, allow other staff to hear and see what is happening should anything arise.


How are we different from other doggy daycares?

We offer:

  • One-on-one attention.

  • An open play area for all dogs to interact and be supervised by trained staff.

  • No dogs are ‘left out’ - it is an inclusive space.

  • Rules - just like at home.

  • Reasonable rates and specials

  • Local partnerships for add-on services to meet your needs.

  • Extended weekday hours 

  • A convenient location directly off the Clearbrook hwy exit for East or West bound commuters.

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