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Barker’s Place Doggy Daycare is operated by a team that has a love and passion for dogs. As pet-parents to a 6-year-old Boxer named Sofie and 2-year-old Sully, we personally understand and have experienced the challenges our clients face. Hence, we set out to establish a business that closes that gap in the marketplace through the services we offer.

We want to ensure that we can meet the need of any of our clients, that is why we are open earlier than our competitors. With 6 am openings during the week, those of our clients who commute can know their morning is made easier with our helping hand.

Safety is our number one priority, which means our facility is working towards being Dog Safe Certified. We have also implemented a 1:10 ratio of one (1) employee to ten (10) dogs. Please note that to ensure we are following safety protocols, Barker's Place has a mandatory meet and greet assessment with any new clients. This is to give us an idea of your dog's temperament and to approve them as a member of the daycare. (meet and greet assessments can be booked through emailing or by calling us in-store at 236-483-2214)


We are now Dog Safe Certified! 

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